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Price:                $13-$18/dish

Taste:                8 /10

Service:             10/10

Atmosphere:     9/10


Honestly a pretty good deal. We took four people and in total paid $35. Despite the fact that we weren’t really that hungry and didn’t eat very much, the portions are really big per person and you can eat a lot for a little price.


We ended up sharing a bowl of shrimp curry and a platter mix of saute beef and chicken with a side bowl of steamed rice.

So, the shrimp curry is really quite decadent and can and will fill two people (…unless you know… you’re really hungry). Overall a pretty tasty dish, it seems like the vegetables were added to a premade broth right before the curry was served – making them pretty crunchy, which can be a plus or minus depending on how you like your curry. The soft shrimp added a good variety of texture to the curry and the general flavour of the dish is mild but beware –  it has quite a kick to it (like many peppers on the pepper scale). Overall,  9/10.


Next, the saute beef is surprisingly delicious. It’s made in small chunks on a kebab skewer making it really easy to eat. It is coated and cooked in a layer of sweet and slightly sour sauce, giving it a delightful flavour. 10/10.

Now the chicken was significantly less impressive. The way it was cooked gives it a grilled taste which gave it a nice home-cooked flavour, but it was one piece of chicken rather than multiple pieces making it harder to eat. Also, the texture of it was an odd mix of tender and chewie. Overall it is still edible but I would highly suggest you opt for the beef option. 6.5/10


The steamed rice pairs nicely with every other dish on the menu, especially anything that is cooked in a sauce or broth. There isn’t really anything to say here… it’s good rice. It was brought in a little ornate shiny pot with a lid hence making the presentation nice but overall there was nothing special. 8/10.

Oh, also the garlic bread that comes with the saute is delightful!


The staff is lovely and helpful. To be fair, we came late in the evening when there wasn’t a lot of traffic so everyone was laid back and pleasant. The waiter who served us seemed happy to be there and was very helpful when I was being difficult.


The overall vibe of the place is very exotic. It is overly decorated with flowers and plants which contrast nicely with the ambient light and calm music. The fish and flower arrangements separate the tables nicely making private corners perfect for date nights ❤ .


2055 16 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2M 0M3, Canada


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