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Price:                $5- $10 /dish

Taste:                 7 /10

Service:              8/10

Atmosphere:   10/10


This really depends on what you order. Most items on the menu are about $5-$10 but they aren’t very filling and you will probably end up ordering a few dishes but for the food they serve, the price is reasonable.


I went to this place with my family this week and needless to say, I ate a lot of food!!! We had the chicken yakitori, beef teriyaki, California rolls, BC roll, and the unagi roll.


I don’t think I was fully satisfied and here’s why:

Let’s start with the California roll.

  • Tastes exceptionally well when mixed with wasabi and soy sauce
  •  Provides a nice mix of flavours and textures
  • the soft crab and rice vs the crunchy cucumber.

The crab substitute doesn’t stand out at all over the other flavours. But a small warning: this dish is meant to be consumed with soy sauce because it’s pretty bland on its own. Overall, I was pretty happy with it but it wasn’t really anything that special. 8.5/10


So, this was the first time that I had the BC roll and honestly, I was pleasantly surprised. The fish is thoroughly cooked through but still falls apart nicely in your mouth. It is coated in teriyaki sauce and so when dipped in soy sauce it provides a nice contrast of sweet and salty but it’s great on its own as well. Overall, I was pretty happy with this dish and would suggest it to others especially if you’re not too into the idea of eating raw fish. 9/10

Teriyaki beef. Ok. I am usually a pretty big fan of teriyaki anything but today it was obnoxiously tasteless, like with sauce and all! It was like someone who wears sandals with socks level of tasteless!! And the sauce which is usually loaded with unprecedented levels of sugar was dull and monotone. The meat wasn’t under or overcooked but it was cooked much too quickly which gave it a really chewy texture. Overall, I was pretty disappointed 3/10

The chicken yakitori was marginally better. Although the chicken itself was a weird, chewy texture, the sauce made up for most of it. Unlike the teriyaki sauce, the yakitori sauce is bold (you know, relative to some other sauces), it gives off both a sweet and savoury flavour, and it is just the right thickness so the dish pairs well with a rice bowl to make it a little more filling. Unfortunately, the harm done by the odd chicken cannot be undone, hence it loses some points. 6.5/10

Finally, the unagi roll! Just like the BC roll, this was the first time for me and I was less happy with this dish. It did contain a fun salty flavour but the texture was fairly monotone and squishy. Take my opinion on this one with a grain of salt though (or a dash of soy sauce haha) because I’m not generally a big fan of unagi. However, if it’s your thing you might enjoy this a bit more than I did. Overall, not bad but not my style. 8/10

Oh, but they are pretty smart since their frozen grape skewers are so great after the meal!


Our very large group arrived during rush hour so a little bit of chaos is forgivable but I had made a reservation and we ended up having to wait another 20 minutes before we were seated. Again, it’s understandable that there are a lot of customers but the service was really rushed and it made us feel like if we didn’t order right away, we would have to wait a very long time. Other than that, they have lovely staff but very stressed so they aren’t really into the mid-meal chit chat. Overall,  we give them a 7/10


The designers of this place really knew what they were doing. It has created a minimally modern vibe with minor Japanese accents. All very complimenting of course. It’s a nice place to take a date for a not too private but somewhat classy establishment, however, I wouldn’t suggest it as a 20th wedding anniversary dinner. It is also somewhere you can take your children. However, I wouldn’t suggest bringing your toddler since I’m not sure if they will really like anything on the menu, but I think 8-year-old Suzy will be fine 😉 . Overall -> 10/10



10 Crowfoot Cir NW, Calgary, AB T3G 2R2


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