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Price:                $12- $30

Taste:                8 /10

Service:             10/10

Atmosphere:   10/10


Very affordable. The Old Spaghetti Factory offers meal options that consist of a soup or salad, entré, dessert, and tea for $12-$20 with a wide variety of reasonably priced possible add-ons such as other salads, soups, appetizers, etc.


We had the lasagna pasta from the speciality pasta menu and the seafood fettuccine. The lasagna pasta had a very distinct homemade flavour and arrives in the dish it was baked in. The size is reasonable for a hungry adult but you will not leave feeling like you just gave birth to an alien! There is a thick layer of melted cheese on top that gives the dish a thick consistency. It’s not over or under cooked but is just right. Be careful to watch your tongue though because it is very hot (temperature wise) and I may have burnt myself 😉 . The meatballs in the dish were glorious but scarce and the flavour could have been enhanced. Overall, delicious with minor pitfalls so rated 8.5/10

The seafood fettuccine was very satisfying. It arrives on a big plate but worry not because the portions are filling. The food itself is warm, however, arrived slightly colder than I prefer and the fettuccine noodles were a little undercooked. The sauce was delightfully light and tame, not overpowering the taste of the dish. Overall, a satisfactory meal rated at 7/10.


Our waitress was very friendly and helpful. Dishes arrived with little wait and the flow of the courses was maintained. Other waiters that filled our drinks and cleaned up the dirty dishes were really fast and kind. 10/10


The design of the place is ADORABLE! The lighting is ambient and the brick walls and stained glass windows give off a very cozy vibe despite the spacious interior. The whole place reminds me of the dining room from an old fairytale. 10/10, would recommend!


222 3 St SW, Calgary, AB T2P 1P9



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